LM338K 3A Step Down Power Supply Module DIY Kit for Arduino Raspberry pi View larger

LM338K 3A Step Down Power Supply Module

LM338K 3A Adjustable Step Down Module DIY Kit for Arduino Raspberry pi

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15.00 JD


Circuit board size: 9.6*5.8CM
DC input: 3~35V
AC input: 1~25V
DC output:1.2~30V
Maximum current: 3A
Input and output minimum differential voltage: 3V
Maximum power consumption: 50W

Package included:

1 x PCB   
1 x KF301-2   
1 x Terminal(red and black)   
2 x 1N4007   
1 x KBL608    
1 x 200ohm 1W resistor   
1 x 4.7Kohm resistor   
1 x 3MM blue LED   
3 x 104 capacitor   
1 x 50V100UF capacitor   
1 x 50V2200UF capacitor   
1 x 50V4700UF capacitor   
1 x 101 switch   
1 x Potentiometer knob   
1 x Potentiometer stents   
2 x M3*6 screw   
1 x 5K potentiometer and the screw nut   
1 x LM7812   
1 x 338K heat sink    
1 x 12V fan   
1 x LM338K   
1 x 30V3A PPTC    
4 x M3*50MM screw   
20 x 3MM nut   
4 x 20mm copper cylinder   
4 x 4MM copper sheet   
2 x 4MM nut   
2 x 4*10 screw 

Assembly tutorial 

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