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Use the pair of tires in the Tamiya 70145 narrow tire set for small and medium-sized robots that must make precise movements. With a 58 mm diameter and solid, rounded, 16 mm treads, these wheels will let your robot turn with little friction, even on rough surfaces like carpet. These wheels are compatible with allTamiya gearbox kits.
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Tamiya’s steel-ball caster is a good way to give a “third wheel” to a small robot powered by a differential drive. The kit comes with enough parts to make two casters, either 25 mm or 35 mm in height.
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The Tamiya 70100 Track and Wheel Set allows for a large degree of adjustability and creativity in designing your own robot. The set includes a variety of track lengths, sprockets, and wheels that are compatible with multiple Tamiya products.
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100% Genuine Particle Photon wifi Development Board kit BCM43362 STM32F205 ARM Cortex M3 for the Internet of Things IoT-Modules
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