Arduino UNO R3 Compatible using CH340T

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Install Arduino Support for Arduino 

Simulink provides built-in support for prototyping, testing, and running models such as Arduino.You can design algorithms in Simulink for control systems, robotics applications and see them perform with hardware. This hardware support is also available in MATLAB and Simulink Student Version.

To install support for Arduino hardware you can follow these steps from the official Mathworks Documentation website:                         

  1. In a MATLAB Command Window, enter supportPackageInstaller. This starts the Support Package Installer.
  2. Follow the instructions and default settings provided by Support Package Installer to complete the installation.For more information about the optionson a particular screen, click the Help button.


Or you Can follow this video from Makerzone which is a website from Mathworks that  shows Matlab support for Arduino,Raspberry Pi and NXT robots.