Digital Input 

In this lesson we will use Bush button to turn ON/Off LED.The circuit below, is working as following, the Arduino waits for a LOW signal on PIN 9, this PIN comes LOW when the Push Button is pressed, where it shorts the path between the GND line and PIN 9. when PIN 9 is LOW PIN 8 is set to HIGH, and the LED is ON now, on the next LOW signal the LED goes OFF, and that's why we need the OnFlag to tell us the LED status. 

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  T1 (3mm) LEDT1 (3mm) Blue LED (select color)

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170 Tie-points Breadboard

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Tactile Button

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Just note that the LED Anode is connected to the Resistor. note that the bush putton should be connected as shown is circuit.


int led =8;      // LED is Connected to PIN 8
int button =9;   // Pushbutton PIN is 9
int  OnFlag=0;   // Flag we need to tell if the LED is ON or OFF
void setup()
pinMode(led,OUTPUT); pinMode(button,INPUT_PULLUP); // Setting the PINs direction, we need to set PIN9 as output and the other PIN as input
void loop()
if(digitalRead(button)==LOW && OnFlag=0) // if the button is pressed and the LED is OFF then
delay(250);                          // 250 ms delay for debounce
digitalWrite(led,HIGH);              // Then Turn ON LED(Anode PIN of LED is connected to GND
OnFlag=1;                           // Set the Flag to 1
if(digitalRead(button)==LOW && OnFlag==1) // Now if the button is Pressed and the LED is ON
 delay(250);                               // 250 ms delay for debounce
digitalWrite(led,LOW);                    // Then Turn OFF LED
OnFlag=0;                                 // Clear the Flag to 0