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SSH to Raspberry PI

  Enabling SSH

Open LX Terminal on your Pi and enter the following command to start Raspi Config where we can enable SSH.

 sudo raspi-config


go down to SSH option and then press "Enter",and then select <Enable> , a confirmation of SSH enabling will appear.

Using SSH on a Mac or Linux

To login from MAC or Linux PC open a Terminal and write the following command:

 ssh pi

where "pi" is the username we want to login with and "" is Raspberry Pi ip, you need to check your own by running the command “sudo ifconfig” from the Terminal, the deafult password is "raspberry", You will notice that the command prompt will change to indicate that you are now connected to your Pi.


Using SSH on Windows

In Windows you need a tool to be enable to SSH to linux system, you can download a free one called "Putty" from here.

 After download, run the programe, enter your Raspberry PI IP and click on "Open".