DC-DC Adjustable Step Up Converter 3-34V To 4-35V 5V/12V



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Description :

Basic parameters :
Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
Input voltage :DC 3-34V
Input current : 3A (MAX)
Output voltage: DC 4-35V (adjustable)
Output Current : 2.5A (MAX)
Display Color: Red
Voltage Meter Error: ± 0.1V
Measure Range:0~40V (for measurement accurately, please ensure that the input voltage is more than 3V)
IN+: Input Postive
IN-: Input Negative
Out+: Output Postive
Out-: Ouput Negative

Main features:
1, One button to switch input and output voltage display
2, Power-down memory function
3, Press the button for 3 seconds can turn OFF/ON the LED display
4,With wiring terminal

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