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Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor

I2C BMP085 Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor board

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  • AD converter is within the chip
  • Chip used:BMP085
  • Power supply:3-5V
  • Communication mode:IIC communication protocol
  • Competitive price with large quantity,and 51 test code is provided.

BMP085 is a kind of pressure sensor with high precision, low energy, which can be used in mobile devices. Its excellent performance makes the absolute precision reach the minimum0.03hPa, and it is with very low power consumption, only 3u A. sing powerful 8-pin ceramic leadless chip carrier ( LCC ) thin package, BMP085 can be connected directly with a variety of microprocessor s through I2C bus .

Main features:

  • Pressure range: 300 - 1100hPa (at an altitude of 9000 meters to 500 meters)
  • Supply voltage: 1.8V - 3.6V ( VDDA ) 1.62V - 3.6V ( VDDD )
  • LCC8 package:ceramic leadless chip carrier(LCC)
  • Size: 5.0mmx5.0x1.2mm
  • Low consumption: 5 μ A in standard mode
  • High accuracy:resolution ratio is 0.06hPa (0.5 meter) in low power consumption mode; 0.03hPa (0.25 meter) in high linear mode
  • Temperature output
  • 12C interface
  • Temperature compensation
  • Leadless,accord with RoHS standard
  • MSL 1
  • Response time:7.5ms
  • Standby current: 0.1 μ A
  • No need for external clock circuit

Typical application:

  • GPS pinpoint navigation(dead reckoning,fluctuation bridge detection)
  • Indoor and outdoor navigation
  • Detection for entertainment,sports and health care and so on
  • Weather forecast
  • Vertical speed instruction(rise/sink speed)
  • Fan power control
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